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The long tradition of the Dalle Molle family starts from an old bakery in Molina di Malo where Marco, began the production of bread.

Over the years the reins passed to his son Casimiro (Miro) who moved to Malo, where, with the help of his sons and wife Antonia they act as producers and transporters of the bread produced. Thanks to the small town where it was produced, word spread and in a short time production was increased.

As the years progressed, the leadership passed to Miro’s son, Giovanni who, in addition to continuing production expanded the range of production by introducing a new cake: the Brioche. The cake was an immediate success and began to become one of the staples of Panificio Dalle Molle.

After about 15 years of production, John and his wife, decide they need to make a radical change by buying a new bakery. The country remains the same but, the establishment changes. New products are added all the time, but the quality of the bread remains the same.

The years pass, but the tradition remains.

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